Our Service Managers

Our Service Managers are the cornerstone of our organisation

Our services are led by accomplished managers, who are experienced care professionals. Our managers are second to none in the sector and are responsible for the overall management and performance of each of our residential services, ensuring we deliver on our promises to the people we support. That means building an effective and committed team, achieving the highest possible standards and helping to secure outstanding outcomes with and on behalf of the individuals in our care. They do all this with our support to develop and thrive.

Support for Service Managers

We support our managers at Choice Care by providing:

A rich management structure

to ensure our managers have experienced people to run the service, and can offer career pathways and progression


for those who want to change or reduce their working hours, enabled by support from their own line manger and the deputy and assistant mangers in the service

Opportunities to keep on developing

our Advanced Management Development Programme and completion of level 5 qualifications provide ongoing development even for very experienced managers

A community of peers

in their region and across the wider business

Expertise and support to deliver the very best care

from Assistant Regional Directors,

behavioural practitioners and specialist teams, many of whom come from operational backgrounds and who understand the demands and challenges our managers may face

Digital tools

for HR and rostering, facilities management and internal communications to make our managers' roles easier

Career progression

for managers interested in becoming more senior or for those wanting to move into a support area

Our managers have a voice and shape our company

Our quarterly management forums enable managers to participate in key discussions and help prioritise what they do, whilst also helping to shape our company.

80% of our Service Managers have been promoted from more junior roles within Choice Care

75% of our Assistant Regional Directors were Service Managers

Our in-house training programme for Service Managers

As you become more senior, if you want to, you can get support to progress with our highly valued in-house training programmes

Foundation Management Development Programme

designed for our rising stars

Advanced Development Programme

for our new Managers

Leadership Development Programme

for all Managers and Regional roles

Meet Ewa Bredel, a Choice Care Registered Manager

I started working for Choice Care in 2011 as a support worker, it was my first care job. I realised that I really enjoy working in care and I felt that this could be a career for me.

I was quickly promoted to shift leader and became a senior soon after that. A secondment to another home gave me an opportunity to learn and start to build the right skillset for a manager role.

After 3 years of working at Choice Care I got my first job as a Manager and I managed that home for 7 years before a new opportunity to open a new mental health service came along. Whilst I had some experience in mental health I had looked after those with learning disabilities in the main, so this was an exciting new challenge for me.

Over the years I've been given opportunities to learn and pick up new skills. I am constantly encouraged to push myself to achieve my goals - I've completed a QCF Level 3, and Level 5 in Leadership and Management. I really enjoy working for Choice Care!

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