Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We understand you may have some questions about working for Choice Care and/or the application process, so we've provided the answers to some frequently asked questions below

Scroll to the top of this page and select 'Our Jobs' to take a look at our current vacancies and see which role might be best suited to you. Do make sure you check the location too to see that it works for you. Once you have found a role you'd like to apply for, click 'Quick Apply' and complete the online application form. This can be done from a smart phone, a tablet or a computer.

You'll get an automatic confirmation email when you complete and submit your online application form - this just tells you we've got it and will be assessing your application shortly.

If you are shortlisted the Choice Care Recruitment Team will be in contact to discuss the role in more detail and to find out more about you. If you are unsuccessful you'll also be contacted by email to let you know - many companies don't contact you and just leave you hanging if you're not successful with your application, but at Choice Care we don't believe that's the right thing to do

Experience is not always essential for some of our roles - so don't worry if you are new to care! We are looking for people who share our values, which are: respect, excellence, commitment, integrity and trust. If you're the right fit for the role, we'll help you navigate your first steps in the care sector and our in-house training will support you to becoming the best you can be in your role.

To safeguard those in our care, and comply with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as a registered care provider, we must ask you to provide your complete employment history, including accounts for any gaps/breaks, along with references for all previous care jobs. 

You can read more about this requirement for registered providers on the CQC website here:

It is our company policy at Choice Care to have a reference from your current or most recent employer before we can agree a start date.

We are unable to move forward with your application if we do not have this. We advise that you let the referee know to expect our request and for you to verbally verify that they are happy to complete it.

A start date can be agreed once we have received:

  • Satisfactory references (within four weeks of the offer being made)
  • An enhanced disclosure check from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)
  • Evidence of your Right to Work in the UK in this role, and
  • A satisfactory Health Questionnaire

Employees with Health and Social Care qualifications may be eligible for a higher rate of pay. If you have these qualifications, do be sure to include these on your application form and be prepared to send us a copy of your certificates should your application progress. If you have questions about this, you'll have the opportunity to ask them during your recruitment journey with Choice Care.

Not necessarily, no. Most of our roles don't require you to have a driving license, but if you do have one that's great!

Don't worry if you are under 18, we offer a great apprenticeship programme at Choice Care - in fact we are listed as one of the top 100 Apprenticeship Employers 2023! If you want to know if we have any apprenticeship roles in your area, scroll up and search 'Our Jobs' or contact the Choice Care Recruitment Team.

Alternatively, we offer part-time roles in some of our services for those who are under 18. If this is something you are interested in you'll need to provide evidence that you are still in full-time education. We want you to continue with your studies, so will support you to do so.

Social care really is a job where every day is different; there just isn't a typical routine. To find our more about the things you'll be expected to do, scroll up and select 'New to Care' from the navigation to read more on what's involved

This information on the website provides information on how you can evidence your Right to Work:

Choice Care work with Credence to carry out checks with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). Candidates are usually asked for one Proof of ID document and two Proof of Address documents.

A list of acceptable documents is given on the Credence website in the FAQs for candidates here:

Scroll down and you'll see:

  • Employment Screening FAQs regarding Proof of ID

  • Employment Screening FAQs regarding Proof of Address

The DBS check is a mandatory part of our pre-employment checks and we will not be able to progress with your application if you do not complete one.

We are only able to use the documents specified by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), so if you do not have the documents then we will ask you to try and obtain them by applying for them at your own cost so we can complete a check for you.

Documents will be rejected if they do not show your current 'registered address'. An applicant can have only one 'registered address' and this is the address to which you are registered for the purpose of voting e.g. the electoral role. All documents provided must show the same address if they are to be used for a DBS check.

We cannot accept any previous DBS certificates unless you have registered for the DBS Update Service. If you have registered for this service, you can tell us this when you apply for a role and you will not need to have another DBS check conducted, but you will need to provide your current certificate to the Recruitment Team as part of the pre-employment checking process.

If you would like to know more about the DBS update service and how it might work for you, have a look at the information here:

No, you will not have to pay for your DBS check, Choice Care pay for your check and certificate. If you have registered for the DBS Update Service however, this is at your own cost.

If you would like to know more about the DBS update service and how it might work for you, have a look at the information here:

We strongly recommend that you do not give notice to your current employer until we contact you and let you know that we are ready to agree a start date. Sometimes our checks can take some time to complete.

We understand that keeping a steady income is important during this transitional period and are happy to wait for all applicants to work their notice period. In order to keep this onboarding period as short as possible we advise that you provide all the documents and forms requested as soon as possible.

We receive so many applications for the vacancies we have that we can't always provide specific feedback unfortunately.

With employees who are on student visas we can only offer a maximum of 20 hours per week of contracted hours to avoid a breach of the visa terms. If you are on a break from school/college/university you can work additional hours as overtime.

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