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You have to be special to work at Choice. We attract outstanding people who are totally committed to those we support. As a result, our colleagues are naturally caring and compassionate, friendly and warm-hearted. Extraordinary people, consistently willing to go the extra mile for everyone in their care.

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At Choice, our difference depends on over 2,000 exceptional people in a wide variety of roles, dedicated to providing the highest quality of specialist care and support at every level.

"I simply love being able to support people to achieve what they want to do. I believe everyone should have the chance to live their life to the full whatever their age, disabilities or mental health... This is the first time I've worked in care - and it's the best choice I've ever made."

Social Care Worker

Our Social Care Workers help vulnerable people live safe, happy, fulfilled lives, as independently as possible. Whether in our residential homes or as part of a supported living service, the duties and responsibilities of a social care worker are unique and varied, because the people you're supporting often have very different needs. The role may include physical assistance, such as helping with dressing and bathing, preparing meals and other household tasks, administering medication, arranging and taking part in daily activities and outings, providing help to access community facilities, manage finances, go shopping, visit the doctor, find a job or just offer general personal and emotional support. The list really is endless.

Social Care Workers provide individually tailored support, as detailed in each person's Care Plan. As a result they build close bonds with the people they care for, helping to create enduring, positive relationships.

In addition to working with those we support, you will often liaise with family members and other significant people in individuals' lives, giving them confidence and reassurance, and involving them in their loved one's care. You'll also interact with a range of care professionals and clinical practitioners to help ensure the consistency and quality of the support we provide.

Being a Social Care Worker is a meaningful, rewarding role that offers the chance to make a real difference in people's lives. You don't always need previous experience or qualifications for the role, and there are lots of opportunities to develop your skills and progress your career.

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Social care really is a job where every day is different; there just isn't a typical routine. But some of the things you might expect to be responsible for include:

  • Starting each day with a detailed handover from colleagues completing the previous shift.
  • Supporting people to get up and dressed, and helping some with personal care, like showering and brushing teeth.
  • Assisting with medication when necessary.
  • Helping to make and serve breakfast.
  • Planning what activities to do that day and reminding everybody of their appointments.
  • Supporting people with their morning activities - anything from arts and crafts or baking to a trip to the local leisure centre.
  • Helping with meal planning and budgeting.
  • Preparing and supervising lunch.
  • More activities in the afternoon - perhaps helping with day-to-day living skills or driving people to college or part-time work.
  • Helping with household tasks, like shopping and laundry.
  • Supporting people to contact their families and friends, or helping to arrange a visit.
  • Helping to make dinner, and washing up afterwards.
  • Overseeing social activities in the evening, like watching films and playing video games, or maybe going on a trip to the local pub.
  • Helping people prepare for bed, and once again assisting with medication.
  • Completing daily observations and writing updates to hand over to the night staff before ending the day.


Starting out with Choice is the perfect way to build the skills and experience you need to succeed.

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Management roles

All our services are led by accomplished managers, recognised as second to none in the sector.

Home Manager

Our Managers are the cornerstone of the organisation. They're responsible for the overall management and performance of each of our residential services, ensuring we deliver on our promises to the people we support. That means building an effective and committed team, achieving the highest possible standards and helping to secure outstanding outcomes with and on behalf of the individuals in our care.

The Manager takes ultimate responsibility for the physical, emotional, psychological and educational needs of those we support. They oversee assessment and the development of individual Care Plans, making sure they're adhered to, monitored and reviewed regularly. They lead on safeguarding and promoting residents' rights, as well as liaising with other care professionals to assure total wellbeing. Managers maintain links with the local community to create opportunities for leisure, education and employment, and provide information, advice and support for family and friends.

Managers direct the residential care team, guiding their professional development, including helping to recruit, train and then supervise staff, assess their performance and offer mentorship. They're also responsible for maintaining accurate records and proper documentation, reporting regularly to our Regional Directors and the senior management team.

Our Home Managers are experienced care professionals, registered with the Care Quality Commission. They hold a deep-rooted commitment to the people we support. Their warmth and character is essential to creating the unique family culture that exists across all our homes.

Supported Living Service Manager

Our Supported Living Managers play a similar role across each of our regional supported living services, overseeing and coordinating care teams at the various locations where we operate. Due to the size and structure of these services, Supported Living Managers are not typically CQC registered and don't require quite the same level of experience and qualification as the Managers in our homes.

Assistant & Deputy Managers

Within every service, our Managers are supported by a dedicated management team, including Deputy and Assistant Managers. Deputy Managers in particular share responsibility for day-to-day operations, assisting with the design, implementation and review of individual Care Plans, staff training, development and supervision, administrative control and ensuring compliance with all relevant codes of practice and legislation. In the absence of the Manager, their Deputy takes charge.

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Positive Behaviour Support Team

Our in-house Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) team work closely with colleagues across all our homes and services to assess the behavioural, emotional and psychological needs of those we support, guided by a qualified clinical lead in each of our regions.

Practitioners contribute to assessments within the broad framework of recovery-based thinking, monitor challenging behaviours and assist in the development and delivery of interventions aimed at reducing the intensity, frequency and impact of those behaviours, promoting greater independence and positive outcomes.

The team also provide specialist training for other staff members, tailored where particular needs are recognised. They're experts who act as the first port of call for staff on matters relating to the people we support.

Our PBS team are typically trained nurses, psychology graduates, behaviourists or experienced social care practitioners with experience of helping vulnerable and marginalised people.

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Central & Regional Office roles

Roles in our Central and Regional Offices are just as critical to providing the highest standards of care for the people we support. Our office-based teams manage the many functions that ensure the organisation operates effectively, enquiries and referrals are handled appropriately, the quality of our services is assured, and our colleagues get the support and assistance they need.

Central & Regional Office roles includes:

  • Referrals
  • Quality assurance
  • Operations
  • Human resources and recruitment
  • Training and professional development
  • Finance and payroll
  • Purchasing
  • Marketing and communications
  • IT
  • Property and maintenance
  • Administration
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